Internationalisation is definitely a good thing to increase the uptake of drools. Has there been any progress with this issue, as I couldn't see any JIRA raised for Internationalisation?
I can appreciate its requires a lot of code changes as most error reporting and logging appears to be hard coded in English at present.

On 5/23/07, Mark Proctor <> wrote:
Easiest way is to get your engineers onto IRC to chat directly with us, being local I can also allow Edson onsite to help with contributions. You can contribute either by providing patches, or we can give you direct svn access, the later is normally for people that commit regularly. Internationalisation is good for us :) But be aware we don't like or allow hacks, so its not enough that it works, the design and implementation must be good.

Look forward to your contributions.


Marcos Tengelmann wrote:
We are trying the new module that came on new Drools, and it is an amazing work on such time frame. Congratulations
Well, during our tests, we uploaded a Jar to the tool, and one problem we have identified is that NOT all classes of the model are available as FACTS.
My question here is: Is there any kind of contraints in order to BRMS to find all classes? Is there any restriction? What are the basic thing my class must have in order to appear in the GUI of the BRMS as an available fact?
The other question is: How could us contribute (If any interest on this, of course) , with the module? In particular we are looking for internationalization stuff. It is very important for us, and I think might be interesting for others users.

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