best is to look at the manual, and the downloadable examples to get started.

On 2/28/07, kingston < > wrote:

I am a beginner.

I am using DSL Syntax. I get errrors like

org.drools.rule.InvalidRulePackage: unknown:7:48 mismatched token:
[@16,48:49='&&',<55>,1:48]; expecting type ')'
unknown:8:0  Unable to expand:  ;. Due to Expression was not expandable:

        at org.drools.rule.Package.checkValidity(Unknown Source)
        at org.drools.reteoo.RuleBaseImpl.addPackage(Unknown Source)
        at student.DroolsStudent.main(

Where can i get the API documentation for RuleBaseImpl classs and other
classes like WorkingMemoryImpl ?
Are there any sets of DO's and DONT's to be followed frame rules in DSL
Syntax ?

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