I'm still pretty new to drools (5.4.0 final) and I would like to see what Drools does; rules validation, MVEL expression evaluation, etc.

There is a webpage that says that in order to activate logging I need to add a line to my log4j.xml:

First remark is that the XML is old style log4j; the current XML uses loggers and levels instead of category and priority. Beside that, it does not seem to work. After I've added <logger name="org.drools"><level value="debug" /></logger> to my xml, nothing is logged. I know for sure that log4j via slf4j is working:

log4j: Trying to find [log4j.xml] using context classloader sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader@1c672d0.
log4j: Using URL [file:/C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/User/My%20Documents/frozn/components/engine/_build/log4j.xml] for automatic log4j configuration.
2012-08-02 10:55:04,400 INFO nl.o837.frozn.engine.drools.test.DroolsExcelTrial.main(DroolsExcelTrial.java:49) running trail

However there is no Drools logging output on the console, only the print statements I've placed in the entity models. If I add this line to the code:

Then there is some logging output:
OBJECT ASSERTED value:nl.o837.frozn.bm.Application@f664ec&ApplicationId=1 factId: 1
ACTIVATION CREATED rule:PassportValidation_20 activationId:PassportValidation_20 [2] declarations: p=nl.o837.frozn.bm.Passport@5e29e5&PassportId=2(2)
OBJECT ASSERTED value:nl.o837.frozn.bm.Passport@5e29e5&PassportId=2 factId: 2
BEFORE ACTIVATION FIRED rule:PassportValidation_20 activationId:PassportValidation_20 [2] declarations: p=nl.o837.frozn.bm.Passport@5e29e5&PassportId=2(2)

So Drools actually is producing logging information.

Is the documentation on the webpage incorrect? How do I get the logging information I would like?