Also, Java is far stricter on syntax for regular expressions than anything else I've seen. You can't just test your stuff at a unix prompt or using grep to see if it works. That's just the first step. I generally use the vi find command.


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Read up on regular expression, what you just wrote there is not valid.

Ashwini Joshi wrote:




Has anyone used the "matches" operator?

In our application we need to support startWith, endsWith operators for string variable. I am thinking of using matches operator. But the 'matches' operator is not working. I am trying the following code


rule "Hello World"


            m : Message(message matches "Hello*")


            System.out.println( "Hello World");





And the value set in the message is "Hello World". But it is not going into the then clause.


If anyone has already used matches operator I would like to know how we can use it for startswith, endsWith. How do we specify the regular expression? Can we use "*"





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