yay, glad to see the documentation was useful for someone :)

Heyns, Juan wrote:
Thanks for this. We will probably exclude the PersistentCollection

	RuleBaseConfiguration conf = new RuleBaseConfiguration();


	RuleBase ruleBase = RuleBaseFactory.newRuleBase(conf);

to fix our problem, luckily we treat these collections as immutable


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Heyns, Juan wrote:
Thanks for the reply... I will give this a go. Has ShadowProxyUtils
introduced in 4.0.1, I didn't get this behavior in 4.0...

  I was getting the exception for both versions, it happened always when
  I have iterated over the collection in the "then" part.

It is quite imperative that I get this working, since our project
depends on Hibernate and Drools. Should we create a JIRA for this?

  Beware that you should treat the persistent collections as immutable
  if you want to use the submitted patch.

PS: checking the manual again I have discovered that there were
  already done some improvements. You can control shadow proxying with

     drools.shadowProxy = false

     drools.shadowproxy.exclude = org.domainy.* org.domainx.ClassZ

  so there is not much use for that patch.

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