Hey Dirk,

   Yes, documentation still needs to be updated.

   About "intersects" :), you can open a JIRA for it, but last word I have from Mark is that there is no time left for new features in 4.0 besides what was already committed. So, if users want this, the options are:

* either a community contributor jumps in and implements it (quite simple, just looking at what we did for "contains")
* or a paying customer requests the feature

    I still have that "collect( from )" feature you asked for to implement, but we have a huge amount of work to do still for 4.0. We will do our best, but right now, can't make any promises.


2007/5/30, Dirk Bergstrom <dirk@juniper.net>:
Edson Tirelli was heard to exclaim, On 05/29/07 17:13:
> $badBugs : List() from
> collect( Bug( (devOwner memberOf $group || supportOwner memberOf $group),
>          severity == "hair-on-fire" )
> And use || and && for connecting constraints
> and "and" and "or" for connecting CE's.

Ahh, ok.  From the examples I'd seen, it was hard to tell, and the docs still
show the two as equivalent for connecting CEs (section 3.15).

This will allow me to replace an ugly predicate hack with a clunky but workable
parenthetical grouping.  Of course, if you'd care to implement yet another handy
Collections-based constraint, I could make it really clean:

We've got "contains", and now "memberOf" (thanks for implementing my
suggestion), so how about "intersects"?

  CheeseCounter( stinkyCheeses intersects crumblyCheeses )

Then I could write my rule like so:

collect( Bug( (owners intersects $group), ...

This would save me from having to edit ten or twenty rules when management
inevitably decides that another kind of owner has to be included in the rules --
there are actually five "owners" now (which makes for a very ugly parenthetical).

Can I file a jira for "intersects", or should I quit being greedy, and enjoy the
shiny new "memberOf" that I am in fact very happy about? :)

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