I have three questions, re: the following line of code in Drools (LHS).


sd : SmartDescription(description matches "MAR(K|KE|KED)? ", pFamilies.containsKey(SchemaConstants.CERAMIC_CHIP_CAPACITORS) || pFamilies.containsKey(SchemaConstants.CERAMIC_NETWORKS), description : description, pFamilies : possibleFamilies);


To put it in plain English, I want to match against the regex, but only if the rule can provide useful information (ie the two constant family id keys are still present in the family maps).  When I put in SchemaConstants.familyKey, it tells me I’ve got an unexpected token.  How can I accomplish this?


Is there a way to store the regex in a local rule variable? Ie,

String pattern = "MAR(K|KE|KED)? ";

Description matches pattern, …




Finally, this is a rather long line, is there a way to split apart the testing of the map condition from the match condition into a separate part, to let it match the .containsKey on a separate line?


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