thanks Gayatri for ur reply
actually im making rule like this

rule "Square_Foot_Calculation_Rule1_01-02-10_01-28-13"

date-effective "02-Jan-2010" date-expires "28-Jan-2013" salience 0

no-loop true


objectP2483 : Para_2483(fid2338>=4 &&fid2327=="1" );




can u tell me  what is this  objectP2483 ??

where this  object is created ??

And i want to know the rule which are  going to execute
prior of execution...i.e before calling execute() method


On 4/30/10, Gayatri Chandak <> wrote:
Hi ,

you can add the following line to the RHS of your rules:


This returns the name of the rule.
Note: As the RHS is executed only when the conditions in the LHS are met
(satisfied), you can get the name(s) of the rule(s) that are fired.

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You can add something like

rule "rulename"

in the "then"clause.

2010/4/30 Puneet duggal <>
hello all
plz reply  to my question ......

On 4/29/10, Puneet duggal <> wrote:
  hi all,

  I  am new to drool business rules ,
  i have a web application in which i have 100 rules
  so i want to know  which rules are going to be
  executed based on the facts i suppilied .
  my drl files is loaded  at run time from database.


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