I will ask Diego Naya about some quotes about this.. i can write my own as a developer if you want..

2009/4/23 <>

Mark we could provide a quote. We've been working with Drools for a couple months now on a new insurance sales & claims application and
are counting on Drools 5 to be integral part of our overall architecture.

--Gurinder Randhawa
Applications Architect
TU Group
Vancouver, BC

From: Mark Proctor <>
To: Rules Users List <>, Rules Dev List <>
Date: 04/22/2009 02:48 PM
Subject: [rules-users] drools 5.0 quotes

We are just updating the website for the 5.0 launch. I'm looking for
anyone that works for a well known firm who would be willing to give us
a quote (just one or two lines), particularly around Drools Flow or
Fusion. This is not a testimoney or a reference. It's just a quote on
what you think, the promise of the technology, or how you hope it'll
help your business - something along those lines. If you can help,
please contact me directly. Ideally we'd like two or three quotes to go
out with the release announcement.



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