Your reasoning on how to solve the problem is correct. I don't know about your implementation, but my suggestion is:

1. Create a function to calculate the distance between 2 points. I would prefer to create it as a static method in a helper class, but you can define it in the DRL if you prefer:

function double distance( long originX, long originY, long actualX, long actualY ) {
    // return the calculated distance

2.a. If you want to do it in a single rule, write something like this:

    $a: Agent( $x1:x, $y1:y, $r:range)
    $t1: Tile( $x2: x, $y2 : y, eval( distance( $x1, $y1, $x2, $y2 ) <= $r ) )
    not Tile( eval( distance( $x1, $y1, x, y ) < distance( $x1, $y1, $x2, $y2 ) ) )

The downside of such approach is that it recalculates the distance many times and the performance would be poor.
2.b. If you want best performance, try a more relational approach with 2 rules:

rule "calculate distance"
    $a: Agent( $x1 : x, $y1 : y, $r : range )
    $t: Tile( eval( distance( $x1, $y1, x, y ) < $r ) )
    assertLogical( new TileInRange( $a, $t, distance( $x1, $y1, x, y ) ) );

rule "find the closest"
    $a: Agent()
    $tr TileInRange( agent == $a, $tile : tile, $dist : distance )
    not TileInRange( agent == $a, distance < $dist )
    $t : Tile( this == $tile ) // this last pattern may be removed if you don't need to constrain any other attribute
    // do something

   Hope it helps


2007/12/6, velven <>:

HI, i have a problem
using tileworld model, i'm supposed to write a rule which will cause the
agents to choose the tile in the agent's range which is closest to the

so a rough idea is


agent: Agent(x1:x, y1:y, r:range)

tile1: Tile(<tile's x to be between (x1+r) and (x1-r)> && <tile's y to be
between (y1+r and y1-r)>)

tile2: not Tile( < which is closer than the tile1 to agent> )

desperately need help,
alternatives tried::
i tried to use a query to return a list of tiles which is within the agent's
range then compared which one is closer and other similar implementation,
but this too slow for my simulation...

I need one single good rule or efficient way of implementing the above rule

then i tried to do multiple constraints too, say     x (> 30 && < 40) is ok
                                                                  x (>
($x-$r) && < ($x+$r)) gives errors ,due to extra parenthesis? i dunno.. any


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