Hi there,
I know... I am a "question generator".... sorry about that!
Just a couple of questions on Drools 4.0.4 BRMS:
1) Is a statefull session necessary in order to use a ruleflow?
    Can we use stateless sessions as well?
2) What kind of RuleAgent configuration do we need  to provide
    in order to adopt a "push style" (par rules deploy?
    Do we first have to set the newInstace property to true?
    I guess we do because setting newInstance to true we are
    constrained to call the gerRuleBase() method
    in order to get the new rules from the BRMS.
    In this way the BRMS would "push" the new rules every "poll"
    seconds, but we would use them only when we decide to call
    getRuleBase() method. In this way we would have control on
    the Rule update, wouldn't we???????
Thank You as usual guys!