Op 19-11-12 17:17, Mats Norén schreef:
I've been looking at the VRP example in Drools and I'm thinking about using it for multi depot cvrp and / or capacitated vrp with time windows.
Has anyone else tried planner for these use cases and can maybe shed some light on their implementation?
The VRP example is already capacitated.

Multi-depot is pretty easy: just assign different a different starting Location for every Vehicle.
Unless you want Vehicles to change Depot sometimes, then it's a bit more complex.

Time windows is more difficult if you don't want to break incremental score calculation.
Doing an insertLogical() for the arrival time of every CustomerVisit should work.
Then it's just a matter of checking if that logically inserted fact CustomerVisitArrivalTime falls within the TimeWindow of the customer.


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