When you write an expression for a String attribute like:

Person( name > "Edson" )

   It should raise an exception saying:

Operator '>' does not exists for StringEvaluator.

   Although, he is saying Operator '50'?!?!

   What version of drools are you using?


2007/5/23, Ronald R. DiFrango <>:
Anyone ever seen this error in the IDE:

Severity and Description    Path    Resource    Location    Creation Time    Id
Operator '50' does not exist for StringEvaluator    RtvDecisionEngine/src/rules/com/circuitcity/rtvcrms/rules    rtv.drl    Unknown    1179954317638    29080

And if so what do you do about it?  My rules file is just under 1000 lines [and growing] and shows no other errors.

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