mmquelo massi wrote:
Hi there,
I am a computer science student and I am writing my final thesis
on Open-source BRMSs.
Sorry for cross posting, I did not know which Mailing list
was the most appropriate for my questions...
I downloaded the Drools file,
I added it as ECLIPSE plug-in and everything went as
I expected.
Then I downloaded to have an
actual DROOLS BRMS, I deployed it in ...\jboss 4.0.5\server\default
directory and everything went fine.
Now I have got some simple questions......
How can I bind "eclipse-drools" with "jboss-drools"?
How can I make jbrms repository visible from\within eclipse?
I hope that the jbrms "xml export" function is not the only way
to do that.
I hope there is some kind of synchronization\bind between eclipse-drools
and jboss-jbrms repositories...... Am I dreaming something unreal?
There is zero integration between eclipse and the brms. What we do provide is the RuleAgent which will poll a URL (published by the BRMS) for rule updates.
If you want to contribute to this integration work, it would be very welcome :)
Thank you very much for any help you can give me.
Looking forward to hear from you.
Massimiliano Magistri

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