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On 24 September 2013 18:29, Sean Su <> wrote:
Also just tested and confirmed that this is happening when I save the rule twice in the row - first save seems fine; do nothing and save the rule one more time, the selection in the last drop down is gone!

On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 1:23 PM, Sean Su <> wrote:
When there are 3 drop downs, one determines the values of the other, the selection in the last drop down is not saved when changing the rules twice in the row.

For example: I have the following statement:

in fact [field1] [field2][field3]

each of the field is presented as a drop down by using the advanced ENUM feature - 1 determines the values in 2 and the selection of 2 determines the value of 3.

After the value in field3 is selected, I can move on and make the changes in the rule. When the first change occurred, Guvnor remembers the values being selected in all 3 fields. But when another change is make, the selected value in the last field (field3) will be forgotten. Please note this is only happening to the last field. I did not go further and make the statement contain more than 3 drop downs.

I have tested this several times and am confident this is a bug in the 5.5 final version.



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