Thanks Mark,

Cheers for the info. 

I've seen the OSGi bundle zip (and the boot bundle list [1]) but it seemed to have quite a large amount of dependencies for just drools-core and drools-compiler. Do you know if all these bundles are required for this subset? If not would you happen to have the list of what is?

If you don't have this handy I'll send it on so that you have it once I have figured it out :)


- Dave

2010/8/4 Mark Proctor <>
The set of OSGi bundles dependencies can be used here:

We test against spring:

This is our project that builds osgi-bundles and does some testing of Drools against OSGi:

I have done some minimal OSGi docs. OSGI is stil la work in progress for us and we have only osgi-ified some aspects Drools, although we have done extensive work on the classloaders to make it fit better.

Please do test what we have, maybe help us OSGi-ify other aspects of drools.


On 04/08/2010 10:25, David Conde wrote:

I'm trying to get drools-core and drools-compiler 5.1 running on spring dm-server. Does anyone have the minimal list of OSGi bundles as maven dependencies handy?


On 25 June 2010 13:59, mmarmol <> wrote:

Hi, I have managed to install Drools-core and Drools-compiler in my Equinox
osgi environment, I can compile rules and execute them just fine, I was just
wandering how to configure a KnowledgeAgent using
KnowledgeBuilderFactoryService and KnowledgeBaseFactoryService. I managed to
configure one but i am not able to reload rules when they change at runtime.
I have started ResourceChangeScannerService and
ResourceChangeNotifierService, changeset related to the rules file gets read
but no change gets implemented. An idea?

Here is the code:


               ServiceReference serviceRef = bc
               ServiceRegistry registry = (ServiceRegistry) bc.getService(serviceRef);

               KnowledgeBuilderFactoryService knowledgeBuilderFactoryService = registry

               KnowledgeBaseFactoryService knowledgeBaseFactoryService = registry
               ResourceFactoryService resourceFactoryService = registry

               KnowledgeBuilderConfiguration kbConf = knowledgeBuilderFactoryService
                               .newKnowledgeBuilderConfiguration(null, getClass()

               KnowledgeBuilder kbuilder = knowledgeBuilderFactoryService
               ResourceFactoryService resource = resourceFactoryService;

               if (kbuilder.hasErrors()) {
                       throw new RuntimeException(kbuilder.getErrors().toString());

               KnowledgeBaseConfiguration kbaseConf = knowledgeBaseFactoryService
                               .newKnowledgeBaseConfiguration(null, getClass()

               KnowledgeBase kbase = knowledgeBaseFactoryService

               KnowledgeAgentConfiguration aconf =
               aconf.setProperty("drools.agent.scanDirectories", "true");
               aconf.setProperty("drools.agent.scanResources", "true");
               aconf.setProperty("drools.agent.newInstance", "false");

               kagent = KnowledgeAgentFactory.newKnowledgeAgent( "CoreDroolsAgent",kbase,

Thanks in advance!

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