Can you give me the details how to configure Drools Guvnor to write to SQL Server.


I configured the “repository.xml”,but it did not work  -_-!


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Rules themselves are plain text (DRL), so you can use any of Java's many persistence technologies to store the text.

If you want to store a compiled, serialised KnowledgeBase; this is a BLOB and again you can use any of Java's many persistence technologies.

If you want a "free" rule authoring environment too, then you could look into using Drools Guvnor as your rule repository, and whilst the underlying JCR using the File-System by default it can be configued to write to (m)any RDBMS.

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2011/7/27 祝英杰 <>

When I use the drools,

I want to store the rules in the SQL Server Database,

Can someone help me and give me some advices, how do I do it?




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