Just remove the entire rule and re-add it again, but with a different consequence.

Robert Burdick wrote:

Hello All:


    I am trying to figure out if JBoss Rules will be suitable for my application

    needs.  Maybe you can give some insight.

    My application needs to implement / use a rules engine for evaluating

    conditions and firing off events when those conditions are met.  So far this

    sounds exactly like the sort of thing that JBoss Rules is for.  The twist is

    that my application will also provide an administrative utility that allows

    admins to add or remove rules, as well as modify the conditions that trigger

    these rules.  Can JBoss Rules be used to do this?  All of the examples I've

    seen so far seem to incorporate rules whose consequences are fixes, but with

    changeable conditions.  For example, there are lots of samples out there

    like an insurance application.  Such an example has consequences such as

    offerQuote, turnDownCustomer etc. that don't change, but with conditions

    that do change.  For example, today offer quotes to all good drivers,

    tomorrow change the rule to offer quotes to all good drivers over the age of

    18.  The conditions change, but the basic actions in the system are common.


    What I think my requirement implies is a way to define rules with conditions

    and the corresponding consequences code at runtime.  This seems to imply

    that the application code needs to be dynamic, in order to allow users to

    define arbitrary consequence code.  Has anyone ever tried to do something

    this generic with JBoss Rules, and better, can you fill me in on how to go

    about this?




    Thanks, Robert


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