Thanks for the reply Jervis.  I would like to clarify my question, however: Guvnor uses a great deal of technologies with which I am not at all familiar. I am new to JCR in general and jackrabbit in particular, so even when I get something to seemingly work, I still question whether I've broken a best practice.  Having said that, I used guvnor admin tool to create the repository.xml file, and there are two spots where it still points to the file system instead of the DB.  In both cases, it is the SearchIndex element, using the lucene library.  I am pretty sure this is what is still creating the folders in my file system.  My question is: since the DB has its own indexes, do I still need the SearchIndex elements, and if so, is it better to leave them pointing to the file system?  I am asking because I assume that the repository.xml generated by the Guvnor admin tool is more accurate than what I would create as a novice.
Thanks again for the help!

On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 8:55 PM, Jervis Liu <> wrote:
On 2013/1/10 23:30, Yuri wrote:

I set up SQL Server as the external repository, and left everything else in guvnor and jboss AS7 configured pretty much according to defaults.

When I create assets in guvnor, I see that changes are being made in the MSSQL db. Despite changes to the db, however, I'm still seeing changes to the Repository and Workspace folders. It gets more interesting when I truncate the tables in the external guvnor db, and restart guvnor, it seems to get all of its assets back from those two folders.

If you truncate your external db and you still get all assets back when your restart Guvnor, then there must be some problems with your configurations. Guvnor does nothing special as far as the persistent layer is concerned, you should be able to follow JackRabbit document to set it up correctly, for example:


Am I doing something wrong? Is it reconstructing the assets from lucene indexes? If MSSQL is already indexing things, is the lucene index still necessary? Are these basic JCR concepts that I am not grasping?

Thanks, Yuri

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