Do you know where I could find a tutorial of MVEL in Drools, because I looked at some MVEL tutorials yesterday and I didn't find the solution...

2009/3/17 Edson Tirelli <>

   Left side of a constraint should always be a field name... no expression allowed. Either move the expression to the right side or use eval.

Patient( sedation.ultiva > ( 0.1 - 0.02 ) )

   Or even better:

Patient(sedation.ultiva > 0.08)


2009/3/16 Femke De Backere <>

The following expression keeps returning the error [112,32]: [ERR 103] Line 112:32 no viable alternative at input '+' in rule "RuleFlow-Split-masterproef.ruleflows.shortsedation-18-22" in pattern Patient:
Patient(sedation.ultiva+0.02 > 0.1)
with sedation.ultiva returning a double
What am I doing wrong?

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