Michal Bali wrote:

Is there a way to define new variables within ruleflow?.

If I try to set variable that hasn't been declared in the ruleflow header - the variables section. I get following error:
"Could not find variable someVariableName
Continuing without setting value"
I don't believe this is possible at the moment. We are in feature freeze now for the core team, so we don't have time for new features, but if you can dig into the code and figure out a clean way to do this with some unit tests, we should be able to get it into 5.0.

I am using following code:
context.setVariable("someVariableName", "someValue");

I need this for couple of reasons:
 - I have a custom *generic* WorkItem that has some parameters. I want to set them *dynamically* at runtime. Ideally, define new variables in onEntry and then map them with an in-mapping.
 - in a subflow, the subflow calculates some value, I'd like to store this value as variable and then use the out-mapping to propagate it to the parent ruleflow.

I can't find any examples/test cases doing this.

Is there a way to define new variables within ruleflow?.

Thanking you in advance.
Best Regards,

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