not ( SomeClass(....) ) is an existential conditional eleemnt operator, it goes at the head of pattern, and checks if the pattern plus its field constraints exist in the session; it will cause a rule to fire once whether there is 1 or 100 matching patterns.

SomeClass( somefield not in ('x, 'y', 'z) ) is a field constraint on a pattern, it checks if the value of a field is in a list of values, it will cause the rule to fire for each and every possible rule match.


Thank’s for your sugession of using “not in” instead of “not” but my problem is that “not” can also come without “in”.


Actually I am making a generator of rule file from expression like

 ((NOT (ENDS WITH (G10.2, ",")))


 ((NOT (G13.1 IN ("1","2","3"))) OR (G250.8 = Y)))


Where G13.2, G250.8, G10.2 are variables coming from a map inserted in working memory.


I am accessing these variables from map.


My rules are as follows


This rule is working fine.


rule "Editable_G10.3"



 ((Map( this["G10.3"] !=8))||(Map( this["G10.2"] ==19)))



System.out.println("comming here----------------------------------------------------->");



This is not working


rule "Mandatory_G10.3"


 (not((Map( this["G10.3"] !=8))||(Map( this["G10.2"] ==19))))


System.out.println("comming here----------------------------------------------------->");



In also tried following approaches:

1)      eval(not((Map( this["G10.3"] !=8))||(Map( this["G10.2"] ==19))))


2) eval(!((Map( this["G10.3"] !=8))||(Map( this["G10.2"] ==19))))


But in both cases it is giving same error:

org.drools.rule.InvalidRulePackage: Rule Compilation error : [Rule name=ValidationRuleExp_G10.3, agendaGroup=MAIN, salience=0, no-loop=false]

      com/telekurs/nva/mde/fe/ak/validation/ (11:495) : Cannot use this in a static context

      com/telekurs/nva/mde/fe/ak/validation/ (11:500) : Type mismatch: cannot convert from String to int


I am trying to find out some general concept so that I can change just achieve the functionality of not.





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   Remove your "eval" and use "or" instead of "||" for the OR CE.

   Although, I feel that this is not what you want... what you want is simply:

    Map( this['city'] not in ( "mumbai", "delhi" ) )

2007/9/12, Gaurav2007 <>:


I am using drool4.0.1 in my application i am able to use IN,OR,AND operator
but i am facing problem in using not operator.

my requirement of not operator is just like a not gate.

the way i am using it is :

eval(not((Map( this["city"] !="mumbai"))||(Map( this["city"] =="delhi"))))

so can you please help me out to solve this problem:
should i use not operator or some thing else in drool.


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