Anyone know what the difficulties were for Android which doesn't use MIDP?

I know there's been some attempts in the past but didn't pay enough attention to them to give an authoritative answer ;)

An option would be to send the metrics across a web-service for analysis somewhere where Drools can easily run....

I'm not sure many users of mobile devices would consider analysing events captured by the device as a killer app' - unless your analysing angry birds ;)

Was you looking for realtime analysis?



2010/11/29 Mauricio Salatino <>
Hi man, probably you cannot run it yet.. right now drools do very complicated stuff for mobile phones that can execute only MIDP 2.0 profiles. (Java 1.3). I remember that there was a thread talking about the possibilities of creating a version for mobile phones a long time ago. But Drools as it is right now  cannot use it.

2010/11/29 Leonardo Gomes <>
Since I'm really a noobie on mobile development, this may be a stupid question, but it doesn't hurt to ask: Does anybody here ever used Drools on a mobile application? Would its dependencies allow it to be run on an Android or Blackberry?

Basically, my idea is that with the CEP stuff added on Drools 5, it would be interesting to capture events generated by the device and do some analysis.

Waiting on your feedback :)

- Leonardo.

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