I think there was a previous post on this. Try the latest from Hudson and see if that works.

2009/12/3 chris richmond <richmond.cd@gmail.com>
Is anyone successfully using the IDE plugin with the latest Galileo version of Eclipse. I cannot get it to debug using Galileo(my previous post concerning debug as)  I tested instlaling the IDE plugin by using the IDE update site link on the following versions.  I normally use the Galileo, but tried the other for troubleshooting this....
Galileo standard
Galileo EE
Ganymede Standard
The plugin appears to install just fine with all three, and the DroolsTest.java that is added when I create a new Drools project runs fine in all three.  However, I am only able to debug as Drools application using Ganymede.    So is it simply not possible to use the IDE update link with the latest Eclipse(Galileo)?

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