For arbitrary method calls, the only way is to use an eval:

VO( eval( computePrice("key") < 10 ) )

   Although, if you have a method that returns a map, you can use simplified Map syntax:

class VO {
   public Map getComputeMap() {...}


VO( computeMap["key"] < 10 )


2009/6/1 Vidya Chandrasekaran <>


I am fairly new to Drools and am just getting my feet wet with writing rules.

In my work, I have to integrate drools with classes that do not expose all properties via getXXX/ isXXX accessor methods but require a call of the form someMethod("keyvalue"). I have been using the MVEL dialect and do not see a way to call a function with arguments on the LHS side of a rule either in the documentation or the mailing list.

In fact, I have been trying something like

rule "rulename"
    agenda-group "evaluation"   
    $d: VO( computePrice("key") < 10) from entry-point "Inventory stream"      

This fails with a 'no viable alternative at input '"key"' in rule. Is there a way this can be accomplished?


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