Mark, You made a comment on my JIRA that I thought I'd post here for discussion:


Mark Proctor commented on JBRULES-1155:



anAnwer is a method/function that returns a boolean? Must admit I don't understand what you are trying to do there. Anyway if all you are trying to do is assign the results of a function/method call then why not just use an = assignment?

BooleanAnswer = anAnswer(anAnswer.setAnswer(true));


Any valid java can used.


What I'm really trying to do is simply return a boolean from a set of really complicated rules in my decision table. I run through the rules and if it passes, I return true.


The reason I didn't do what you suggested above is b/c there is no documentation to suggest this is valid syntax and, after several postings to this list, no one responded to my requests on how to do this assignment.


So, how do I do an assignment in a decision table to simply return a boolean? Otherwise, can you explain the syntax you posted to me. This doesn't look like any Java I've seen and I can't make heads or tails of how it should work.





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