latest ruleflow stuff has 'and', 'or' and 'xor' type logic to chose your branch points on a split - would that work for you?

Edson Tirelli wrote:

   Look at agenda-groups and rule-flows.


2007/6/15, Geoffrey De Smet < >:
Can I fire a partial set of rules?
Say I have 3 rules: fastRuleA, fastRuleB, slowRuleC.
What's the best way to only fire the group of fastRule1 and fastRule2?
AgendaFilter looks like a good way of doing this, but:

If between 2 rule fires, I change a fact, but change it back to it's
original state, will the rule be not refire, just like if I hadn't
changed it temporary? for example fact1 is used in slowRuleC:
fireAllRules(); // fires slowRuleC
fireAllRules(); // does not fire slowRuleC?

Does still apply if I fire other rules meanwhile?
fireAllRules(); // fires slowRuleC
fireAllRules(notSlowRuleCAgendaFilter); // slowRuleC is ignored
// if I did not filter it out it would have fired of course
fireAllRules(); // does not fire slowRuleC? or does it?
// a hasn't is the same since the last time slowRuleC was fired

With kind regards,
Geoffrey De Smet

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