Yes, this is related to the ticket you found. I will try to include the fix for that in 4.0.4.


2007/12/18, Guardian <>:

Hi all,
i want to use the getFactHandle(obj) method to retrieve a previously
inserted fact by providing an equivalent object as an argument. The
equivalent object is a new object, i.e. it has not the same memory address.
Therefore i have overwritten the equals() and hashcode() methods. I also
tried to set the assertion-mode for the rulebase to equality-mode. The
problem is if i try to get the factHandle for an object that is loaded from
the database the getFactHandle() methode returns null. The method does not
find the factHandle for this object.
What´s the problem?
Has this something to deal with the problem in JIRA-1308
( )?

Dennis Jansen

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