Hi ,
I am trying to create rule  on a fact , which contains arraylist of collection and the object in the collection internally contains an arraylist of another collection of objects.
This looks like  object A contains collection of objects B and B contains collection object C
A ->  blist ( Arraylist<B> )
B -> clist (ArrayList<C> )
C-> dlist( ArrayList<D>)
D-> type ( string)

I am inseting A as fact to the working memory.
I am in confusion state like how to write the rule to place conditions  on collection C.
Can I use from in the form of nested from in rule statment.
Prasad Raju Sagi
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From: Aziz Boxwala <boxwala@yahoo.com>
To: rules-users@lists.jboss.org
Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2009 1:58:28 PM
Subject: [rules-users] process order example not working fully

I am trying to execute a ruleflow and use rules to assign tasks within the ruleflow in Drools 5.0.1. I have a drl file included in my knowledge base that tries to assign a task to a user when a new human task is created. This is based on the example in org.drools.example.process.order. I can't get my code to work. I don't the rules in the example are working either (dslr for the task assignment or the drl for dynamic logging). After some attempts, I found that this condition
does not evaluate to true ever.

Do I have to do anything special to make the WorkItemNodeInstance appear in working memory?

Thanks for any help.