First sorry for my bad english
I have a problem when I execute this code

rule "userrole"
  user1: BnUserValue(name : name, creationDate : creationDate)
  ActiviteOut : BnNodeValue( BnRole: BnRole )
  lien: BnEdgeValue(id : id)
 System.out.println("oui ça marche");

 BnRole is attribut type ; BnRoleValue (class declared)
when I remote this attribue(BnRole) this code work
all the attribut which I set with type different to classique type (String, Integer, Date, List,... ) implique an error execution I don't know why I import all my class and I'm sure that class haven't error
the error is
the error is
org.drools.rule.InvalidRulePackage: Unable to create Field Extractor for 'BnRole'
class BnRolevalue et Bn Value is in the joint piece
please help me it's very urgent

thank you for your help
Best regards

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