I am not aware of this "when changed" feature in BA, but by your description, Drools does not have the same thing out of the box. You would have to explicitly control this on your rules.

   Interesting feature nevertheless. With the implementation of true modify that we will be doing for the next iteration, it should be quite easy to add such a feature.


2009/4/24 Lindy hagan <>
I was looking at  Blaze Advisor documentation it has  “when changed” operator that only fires when an attribute of an object changes. A business analyst might use it to watch for any important issue, such as a thermostat warning in a process plant or a particular stock reaching a certain price or volume.

In similar way does Drools have this feature?

Can any one correct if I am wrong: Rules can be updated by business users thru BRMS and Guvnor? (I did not get chance to go thru these)

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