UUID used by Guvnor is static. It does not change.

UUID is not available at the Drools runtime (i.e. when you have created a KnowledgeBase).

UUID will not exist in 6.0.

On 10 April 2013 03:36, abhinay_agarwal <abhinay_agarwal@infosys.com> wrote:
I wasn't aware of the fact that people use something else other than nabble.
Will keep in mind from next time and put my question more clearly.

My question is, I know there is a UUID for everything that is created in
guvnor. But, is the UUID, created duration an asset creation, unique, and
does the value of UUID change when any change is brought to the package or
asset (i have checked with renaming a rule and the value doesnt change).

Does the UUID depend on asset name and package ? i.e. if i have two rule in
two different packages with same name, then is there any change that their
UUID may match ?

Will the UUID remain same if i export the package and import it somewhere
else ?

Basically, i need a Unique Identifier for all my assets in Guvnor and i
guess UUID can help me out.


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