André Thieme wrote:
Edson Tirelli schrieb:
   ooops... correct version:

   Map( this["type"] == "Point", $x : this["x"] )
   Map( this["type"] == "Circle", this["x"] == $x )

We default to MVEL, because it's simple and already contains everything we need for expression evaluation. However it would definitely be possible to implement this natively, effectively "emulating" MVEL - although you need to think what this actual buys? It doesn't buy indexing, as it's not MVEL that is the problem here.

Okay, so in the mvel syntax this is possible.
Can this also be achieved in the default rule syntax, without mvel?

The mvel syntax needs to be interpreted at runtime, so my Clojure lib
will have to output rules in Drools' native rule language.

What interests me most is that first part:
Map( this["type"] == "Point", $x : this["x"] )