I am attempting to work with effective dates in decision tables. My decision table has two columns - DATE-EFFECTIVE and DATE-EXPIRES; and have a date of date-effective 01/01/2009 and date-expires of 12/31/2009. So far so good.. After compilation, the code I see has duration 31/12/2009 - essentially, the compiler seems to have recognised the date. And, I get an error that reads - [86,12]: [ERR 102] Line 86:12 mismatched input '/' expecting 'then' in rule "CorporateVacations_22"
Here's the compiled code snippet with the error -
#From row number: 22
rule "CorporateVacations_22"
 duration 31/12/2009
  ruleflow-group "corporatevacations"
   CorporateHolidays(holidaysList contains "12252009")
   if(returnList==null){ returnList = new ArrayList();} returnList.add("Christmas Day");
 [86,12]: [ERR 102] Line 86:12 mismatched input '/' expecting 'then' in rule "CorporateVacations_22"
Is there any other way of defining the effective and expiration days? Is there a correct way of using the dates?

From: Bhamidi, Krishna
Sent: Monday, May 04, 2009 5:14 PM
To: 'Rules Users List'
Subject: Effective-date in decision tables

Is there a way I can set effective-date for rules in decision tables? It does not appear in any of the key-words of a decision table syntax.
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