Sessions are a runtime concept, Guvnor is a design time environment.

Ignoring this disconnect and assuming you want to use java.lang.String as a fact type in Guvnor you should be able to simply add an import for said class.

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On 30 Sep 2012 18:55, "Manasi" <> wrote:


Currently in my application I want to insert a *String object* into a
I don't want to insert object of any *User defined type* ,as input parameter
contains only one string parameter.

I am able to insert String object into my StatefulKnowledgeSession, but
don't know how to access it in Guvnor , as I want to use value from this
string object to satisfy one of the rule in my Guvnor decision table. I want
to use this String object as one of the condition columns in Guvnor.

Below is some code I am using:

StatefulKnowledgeSession session = kbase.newStatefulKnowledgeSession();
String myString = new String("department");

Is there any way to access this String object in Guvnor?


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