Felipe Piccolini wrote:
Using the GUI editor for rules is a nice way to make rules, however the editor put restrictions on what u can fill on the textfields
for a type of attribute, ie. if I have a Double attribute (approvedMount) in a bean (Person) I cant make the update of this field based on
another field ... what I wanna do (and cant on BRMS GUI) is:

rule "Set approvedMount for a women"
no-loop true
$p: Person($sex: sex == "F", $income: incomeMount)
$p.setApprovedMount($income * 1.2);

Where my Person class has incomeMount and approvedMount as Double.

BRMS GUI only let me put 1.2 but no words to refer the $income variable.

What can I do?... where will be this possible?... it is quite useless if I cant do what I want, because it force me to rebuild the bean
Yes all the work we do is totally useless. did you try specifying a formula?
to have fields names like "approvedMountIncresedBasedOnIncome" and make a formula inside the setter, which is exactly the code
I wanna put on rules, because is the bussines logic.
Felipe Piccolini M.

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