Hi All,

I have been using drools 4 for couple of months now and I am starting to get the hang of it. We recently decided to move to Dools 5 with Eclipse 3.4.2 (Ganymede). 
We unfortunately hit a major 'show stopper' (for us). In the DSLR editor: Context Assist + space + enter removes/replaces the whole line, not only the place holder. 

In other words: 

[*][]Log : {msg}=System.out.println("{msg}"); 
[*][]id1="some id label" 

rule "MyRule" 

If I Press L , control space --> the line Log:{msg} appears in the context menu. Hit enter I get 
Log :{msg} 

Now, If want to replace msg by id1. I position the cursor in the {msg}, hit ctrl space, id1 shows in the list. I hit enter the whole line disappear, and I am left with 
instead of 
Log : id1 

Is this a setting somewhere in eclipse itself?? I doubt it. 
The same thing use to work as expected in Drools 4.