If itís a new Drools architecture, Iíd recommend you use 6.1 beta3. We use GIT for source and Maven for artefacts.  You an setup different maven repoís for dev, stage and prod and create a copy routine to move the jars between the environments (or use a tool like sonatype).

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I am planning a new Drools architecture, and looking for the best way to migrate Drools rules through a series of environments.
Our typical SDLC involves an initial DEV environment, then migrating to one of several TEST environments, then to an ORT environment, then finally to a PROD environment.


The question has been asked a couple times, looking through the mail archives, but Iím curious if there have been any recent changes that could improve the development lifecycle.
Iíve read we could just use the import/export function, or the following two options -


Mentions Jackrabbit


Using the Rest interface


Anything else, or any best practice for this?





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