Yes, you may use matches. The other alternative is using an eval and a regular indexOf() call to check for the existance of the substring. Drools up to versions 4.0.x is JSE 1.4 compliant, so you can't use contains() method.  In trunk, you may also develop your own operator and plug it into the engine... although, it is not documented yet, but if you want to try, I can guide you through. And if you want to contribute docs after that, even better. :)

   It is not possible to capture groups and reuse in the RHS. I'm thinking about a way to bind variables to arbitrary values in the LHS. If we implement that, than it would be possible for you to do that, but not possible at this moment.


2007/12/14, Waruzjan Shahbazian <>:

I need to check in the LHS of my rule if  a given String contains an
given substring. What is the best way to do that? I can use regular
expression with matches, but is that the best (fastest) solution?
(STRING matches "(?i).*SUBSTRING.*"). And can I use regulare expressions
capturing groups and than use the results of the groups in the RHS? If
not, what is the best methode to do that?


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