Ken Kawamoto had the same issue.  I am attaching contents of his email to me:

Had same problems with a clean install using JBoss App Server, with just the default examples.  Default test scenarios led to same problems: saved generally okay when test parameters changed, but after test scenario run, any change to scenario parameters would not properly save.

I think this is a problem with Drools 5.1.1, not anything we are doing in particular.


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09/22/2010 05:33 AM
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Re: [rules-users] Problem with Guvnor 5.1.1, <save> frequently does not save...


Thank you for reporting this.

I created a JIRA for this if you want to follow it.

Do you still get the Check-in popup every time you click Save? I'm just wondering if this is related to a previous bug we had.

Toni Rikkola

2010/9/22 David Shields <>

I have spent several days writing rules and tests for them in Guvnor, and kept having strange results.  A test would sometimes fail, repeatedly, and then finally start working after I would delete and recreate some portion of it, or change a value.

After two of us spent many hours trying to identify the extent of the problem, we concluded the following:

1.  The problem happens under both IE and Firefox.

2.  The problem happens less frequently under Firefox if we install and turn on a third-party plug-in which disables Firefox caching web pages.

3.  Saving a new rule or test will allow us to work with it (edit - save - test scenarios).  However, frequently the rule or test will just disappear once we log out.

4.  A "Save" and "Check-in" will often work correctly if we cross our fingers and do the following:

        a.  Save it once  (the screen updates, and you can check the version history)

        b.  Refresh the browser

        c.  Make the change again

        d.  Save it a second time

5.  After doing a "Save" and "Check-in", you can immediately do a "view source" and see your changes in place.  However, if you then close the test (or rule) and re-open it, you will often find that the change is gone, and the test or rule looks like it did before you made the change.

A sample screenshot appears below.  In this case, I created the test with the "performedTime" set to 20-Sep-2008.  I ran the test and it failed, because the rule was checking for greater than or equal to 21-Sep-2008.  I then changed the date on the test to 21-Sep-2008, did a "save changes" and a "Check-in", and then ran the scenario again.

As you can see below, the asserted object contains the date 20-Sep-2008, even though the test clearly shows 21-Sep-2008.

Does anybody have any ideas on this?  If I copy the above test into a new test, it will often work the first time, but then it may disappear, once I logout, even though it was saved and checked-in.

It almost seems like there is something wrong with the imbedded repository, and / or the first running of the test created fact objects that are persisting and being found the second time I ran the changed test. ...

We are running the Final release of Drools Guvnor 5.1.1 found in downloaded on 4-Sep-2010

We are running under Tomcat 6.0, with the recommended jar files replaced.

Thanks for your help!

David Shields
Division of Clinical Informatics
Department of Community and Family Medicine
Duke University Medical Center

Phone (864) 787-8551

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