Hi Nair I tried this (see the last comment):


The issue is closed, but it still throw me that exception. Try it and check if it works in your enviroment and feed me back please!


2009/10/30 Nair, Mahesh <Mahesh.Nair@qwest.com>
I am trying to implement one drools rule flow based feature to my application.
My application consists of a struts2 application as well as a rcp desktop application as its client.
We are using satefullKnowledgeSession which we want to keep around in the Http Session because it will be used by multiple requests during a user session.
But the StateFullKnowledgeSession is not serilaizable and hence if I keep it in my http session it will affect the session replication.
I am sure some of you have already faced this issue so was interested to know so of the approaches you took to overcome this hurdle.
One of the approaches we are thinking about is to use the org.drools.marshalling.Marshaller to do the marshalling and get a byte array output and place it inside the session and umarshall that later.
Is this a valid approach?

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