Thanks Manstis 

As mentioned, I'm trying to build a custom rule editor. 

I'm looking at the following approaches:
I would be very interested to hear how others have tacked this challenge, or any recommendations from drools users/developers.


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The REST API is primarily for CRUD operations; it is not a programmatic API to assemble rules and as such your comments about calendars and salience etc are not provided in the REST API.

You can however, and as some do, download the source for a rule, deserialise this into Guvnor's *internal* model (depending on the type of rule), modify this programmatically, serialise back to source and use REST to write it back to Guvnor.

"Source" as used above could be XML although some assets are stored as DRL.

Also all models should be considered as *internal* (I.e. not public) as we don't undertake that they are compatible between releases (although in reality they have changed very little, other than guided decision tables).

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I saw a thread a few days ago asking about how to enable/disable rules using
the guvnor REST Api - only to find that that functionality does not exist.

What other functionalities are not covered by the REST apis?

For example, can we add calendars using the REST api?

What about salience, no-loop, activation group, agenda group, duration?

We are looking to build a custom UI for editing rules, using the Guvnor REST
apis, and but if there is limited coverage, then we will need to find an


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