Your requirement is not clear.

What do you want to store in a database? Rules, Facts?

Is "50,000 records in one of my decision tables" 50k rows or 50k facts?

If facts what makes you thinking moving them from in-memory objects to a database will bring any performance gains?

On 15 June 2012 07:38, zeeshan <> wrote:
Hi All !

I want to use Hibernate for database persistence in my drools project.
Please suggest me the steps. I am using 5.4.0 final version. Which version
of hibernate I shall use whether 3.1 or Annotation one.....?? I have idea
about 3.1. Actually I am having 50,000 records in one of my Decision table,
so it is taking too much time to give the result. Now I have decided to use
move this to database. So please tell me configuration steps.

Thanks !!

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