I am new to drools and am really confused with the follwing:
 how I can go about adding a data set and modifying the data set based on my rules.
Can I add a data set to my drools-guvnor itself and apply my rules to it and check? Does the data set need to be in an excel file?
For example. I want to store 2 columns ( customer name & billingnumber)
How can i import my drools project into eclipse and work with the data set? Because when I tried doing that I could not see the rules I created in eclipse. It just showed me the first import package statements.
Also I am unable to import the whole project at once.
Can somebody please guide me or give me some documentation I can refer to? I am just going about in circles.
How can I go about creating a front end for the application??

Any help highly appreciated :)

thank you.