Hi, I dont know if this is reported or maybe its just my mistake... but
when I use dynamic JavaBeans and PropertyListeners the re-evaluation of the rules
seems to skip the condition evaluation, so they fire again.. and again, and again..

I have a couple of rules where the conditions are true then I change the value of an attribute
and the rules re-evaluate again... and so on. I putted a special constraint in the conditions
of that rule so when it is fired, it modify an atribute of another fact (tested with the another
attribute of the same fact but it happens anyway), so I try to be sure that rule will not fire again...
but it does ignoring the constraints... checked with the logger and the debugger...

Is this a bug or it is supposed to be so, and I need to think another way to write my rules?...
I want to use the dynamic JavaBeans, so no need to write inserts/updates...  When I set the insert(Object, FALSE)
the problem dissapears.

Felipe Piccolini M.