There is no replacement.

In 6.0 your best approach would be to write a class that @Observes ResourceRenamedEvent and bundle it into the WAR.

The event contains "old path" and "new path".

On 10 April 2013 16:04, abhinay_agarwal <> wrote:
hi mike,

Here is a scenario,

Lets say I have rules named "rule1", "rule2" inside guvnor. I am extracting
the rule names using REST api, pointing to some url
http://../package/packageName/assets. I need the rule names in my
application, so I have kept the rule names in my DB.

If tomorrow I need to change the rule name of "rule1" to "xyz", how does my
application keep a track of which rule name has been changed out of the two
and update the same in my DB.

For the time being, I am using the UUID, and its doing the job very well.
But, if it becomes obsolete in the future, is there a replacement to it ?


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