Relax, Vincent, it was sent due to my explicit request, and it was a maller size version.

I've taken this off-list to get a first-hand impression of why these DTs are considered as a viable solution, and how it fails, etc.. And I think that the OPs Q is legitimate; techniques propagated in Drools Expert without any caveats (e.g., don't do it for more than N rows) should fail gracefully, with an error message such as "after umpteen zillion rules: out of memory" and not just turn belly-up.

After having received some feedback from the OP about alternative approaches I'll report back to the list.


On 18 June 2012 19:26, Vincent LEGENDRE <> wrote:
Did you really send a 50k rows table to a personal email ??? I can't believe it ...
I think you should :
   - read the mailing list rules
   - read the previous Wolfgang post telling that you should consider not using such big tables (consider a rule using your 50k rows as parameters)
   - ask questions that are related to rules, and not java heap size limits ...

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Objet: Re: [rules-users] Hibernate Configuration with Drools 5.4

Hi Laune !

I have mailed you my spreadsheet at ur gmail id.

Thanks !

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