There are REST interfaces exposed by Guvnor. You can use those REST interfaces to make your own import export utility program. There are REST interfaces to GET and PUT assets into Guvnor. The only issue in Guvnor’s REST interface is that it is not secured. You can access a package, If you have a valid user, and password but you don’t have Permissions on that package.



Zahid Ahmed


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On 2013/9/26 0:24, Sean Su wrote:

Does anyone know if we have the public API to export the Guvnor rule repository in the format (xml, or zip version) that we can manually retrieve by going to "Administration/ImportExport" section?

No, I am afraid we do not have such API. But, the repo import/export in 5.5 (and earlier versions) is severed by this servlet: https://github.com/droolsjbpm/guvnor/blob/5.5.x/guvnor-webapp-core/src/main/java/org/drools/guvnor/server/files/RepositoryBackupServlet.java
You should be able to call this servlet directly as long as you have provided this servlet with parameters it requires and set Basic authentication correctly.




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