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On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 4:33 PM, Geoffrey De Smet <> wrote:

The example only does the capacitated vehicle routing problem (VRP + capacity limits), not the windowed vehicle routing problem.

By "your example" I meant the pseudo rule you sent me in a previous mail and not the  cvrp example in drools-planner-examples.

Should I add each CustomerTimeWindow as a fact in the VrpSchedule.getProblemFacts?
Yes, so your score rules can exploit it.
Also, you 'll want to make sure that your score rule penalize "the number of minutes that a time window isn't met".

Ok, by this you mean the difference in minutes from the arrivaltime and the customer timewindow? i.e., the largest of (arrivalTime - endTime) and (startTime-arrivalTime) given that  (arrivalTime < startTime or arrivalTime > endTime) ?


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