I have a problem scenario.


I insert two facts

- obj1 (on which rules needs to be validated, used in when part),

- obj2 (to retrieve output, used in then part)


Let’s say there are two rules Rule1 and Rule2 for this fact type and both of them get violated. In this case I am getting only one instance of updated obj2.

I need two instances of obj2 as both rules are violated. So, that I can perform operation on based on those.


I have also seen on internet that DROOLS skips checking for other rules if any one gets violated. So, requirement is as

1. DROOLS should check for all rules (What is performance cost for this. Does fire all rules work this way?)

2. All instances of obj2 to perform actions accordingly (What is best way to do this. Should I insert an array of this type? If so please, say how to achieve this?)



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